Thursday, January 31, 2008

Love Begins in You!

Love Begins in You!
Peace Begins with You.

Joy Begins in You!

Love, Peace and Joy are your natural state!

Are you loving you?
Do you choose peaceful thoughts?
Are you living in gratitude and happiness?

We learned to love ourselves the way our primary role models loved themselves.
The way our primary authority figures loved themselves was the way they loved us.
If they scared and threatened themselves to do the right thing, they used those tactics on their kids.
If they were respectful and loving to themselves, they were loving and respectful to their children.
In general we become like those with whom we associate.
We take on mannerisms, expressions, behaviors and even think alike.
Children naturally take on the beliefs, myths, behaviors and words of their parents.
The thoughts we think are usually quite similar to the thoughts of our parents.

What would “loving you” feel like?
How would you act if you were really loving you each and everyday?
What messages would you be saying to yourself?
How would you think, speak and treat yourself, if you chose to truly love you?

  • No more threats or intimidation.
  • No more scare tactics,
  • No more “if you don’t, then….”
  • No more name-calling.
  • No more poor health habits.
  • No more putting yourself down.
  • No more diminishing your talents.
  • No more passive behavior.
  • No more self destructive behavior.
  • No more ignoring your own needs.
  • No more martyrdom to get love and approval.
  • No more “you can’t”.

Forgive yourself and your role models for not knowing how to love you or love themselves.
Forgive the world and human authorities for using fear to motivate and get respect and attention.
Forgive yourself for not knowing a better way.
Forgive humanity for using methods that are ineffective and limited at best.

Take responsibility for loving yourself well.
Make choices to give yourself the best in thoughts, words and activities.
Honor yourself with small acts of loving kindness.
Be gentle, patient and appreciative of yourself.
Treat yourself like the most precious and important person in your care.
You are a role model for all those you encounter in life.
There is no better time than NOW to begin.

Loving you loves me and all, since we are One.
Betty Lue

Sharing a stool. Yes, this is where I give my best.