Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Living Love is Giving Love

Giving love is Effective Loving.
It works.

Give to what gives to you.
Contribute time, money, energy and appreciation to what gives blessings of love and inspiration to you.
Tithing, appreciation, conscious contribution benefits both giver and receiver.
We are strengthening that which blesses our lives when we are appreciative and willing to give.
Giving to the source of our Good expands, increases and sustains the Goodness being received.

Waste not, want not.

Why waste your energy on what is a bottomless well.
Giving to what drains you, takes you for granted and is unappreciative is disrespectful to yourself.
Give to those relationships, experiences and projects which inspire, prosper and fulfill you.
Giving to those who cannot be satisfied only yields their complaints, resentment and whining.

Wanting more yields wanting more.
Giving more yields receiving what you give.

If you want more love, give more love to yourself and the other.
If you want more respect, give more respect to yourself and the other.
If you want more trust, give more trust to yourself and the other.
If you want more commitment, give more commitment to yourself and the other.

Charity and Love begin at home.
When you are kind and generous with yourself, you will feel the kindness and generosity of others.
When you are giving to get from others, you will get what the others have.
If they have abundant love, they will give abundant love.
When they have only neediness, they will give you’re their neediness.

Give All to All to Have All.
When we are equal opportunity givers, we may receive from unexpected sources.
Never rely on needy or dependent ones to return the favor.
Give expecting that the return on your investment may come from within, from Spirit or from others.
Freedom in giving for the sake of giving begets the gift of recognizing the Limitless Love within.

Having Rests on Giving.
Only in giving will we make room to receive more.
Only in abundant giving will we recognize how much we have.
Only in unconditional giving will we experience Goodness and God giving through us.
Giving what we have teaches us to fully appreciate and increase what we have.

Love is our Natural State.
When we are not Giving Love, we are off purpose.
When we are not being loving, we have blocked our life energy.
When we are not showing Love, we are in fear.
When we are not Being the Love We Are, we have forgotten our Essence.

Fear is always a call for forgiveness.
Fear is always a call for more Light.
Fear is asking that we remember the highest Truth.
Fear is an inner request for more Love.
FEAR=False Expectations Appearing Real. Relinquish setting yourself up with expectations.

Loving you and loving me as we remember to Give Love,
Betty Lue

“Life is for giving.
You are the Gift.
It is only in giving yourSelf that you realize the Gift You Are.”
Betty Lue