Saturday, January 19, 2008

First Vision, Then Change!

We can be the change we want to see in our world!
What you conceive and believe, you can achieve.
Life works when we are happy and willing to do the work.
Whatever we see needs to be done, it is ours to do.

However you say it, it all says the same Truth.
It all begins in me and with me.
Imagining what we dare too dream and desire, we hold the Vision.
Clearing the interfering doubts, worries, questions and “how to’s”, we trust.
Trusting in the Highest Good for All, we move forward, acting with gratitude and joy.

I am happy to be the change I want to see.
I am willing to give my very best.
I forgive all thoughts that interfere with judgment and questions.
I lift my mind to certainty and confidence that there is a Power and Presence that does not fail.

How can anything but Good be the outcome when we persist with faith and Love?
How can we fail if we keep on keeping on until we succeed?
How can we give up on the spiritual Vision of healing and wholeness when we are willing to learn?
How can we doubt when we have the Inspired End in mind?

With inner happiness, certainty of purpose and confidence in those who walk with us, we cannot fail.
Life is a team project, waiting for the teams to clarify what is a win/win for all.
Life asserts that our work is to undo what is not true and Loving, fair and giving.
Life gives us infinite opportunities to find the inspired path of fun, safety and ease.

Life is our classroom wherein we begin to learn what we are really learning.
No more victimization and playing ignorant, weak, inept or lazy.
Life strengthens us through its obvious and subtle lessons.
Recognizing that we are learning through experience, we begin to awaken to our choices.
When we discover everything that happens is a response to our request, we choose with wisdom.
When we appreciate our willingness to learn and undo (forgive) what is not valuable, we get IT!

Loving you in the vision of our awakening!
Loving you in our willingness to be responsible!
Loving you in our desire to be and bring the change we want to see!
Loving you and me as we all are free to see and be!

Betty Lue

My Friends, Readers of these Loving Reminders,
If you have thought about giving to Reunion Ministries or the work we do in these Loving Reminders, your financial gifts would be most welcome.
Some share with us on occasion, some give monthly, some send their appreciation and referrals.

The contributions we receive are used immediately to pay rent in our two non-profit centers (one opens in next weeks).
We rely on our own income to initiate our community counseling, healing and spiritual growth centers, but depend on free will offerings and the rents of practitioners to support and maintain the monthly rent and minimal expenses.
We have no employees and rely totally on volunteers, with much depending on Robert and myself.
The everyday Presence is dependent on the holistic practitioners who serve with classes and individual services.

We realize that what we do is solely sourced by Faith and Trust in Good and God.
We listen within and serve in the ways we are called with our time, energy and money.
We invite you to become a partner with us in serving a more caring and conscious world.
With respect and appreciation,
Betty Lue