Sunday, January 27, 2008


What we believe we perceive and receive.
Faith is believing in something greater than ourselves.
To believe in something more than our individual selves gives us confidence and hope.
To trust in the intrinsic Goodness and perfection of our amazing Universe inspires us.

Take a look at what and Whom you believe.

Whether you call it God or Love, it matters not.
What matters is that you believe.
Whether you have a religion with a Holy book and Holy teachers or simply listen in the quiet,
believing in some Source of Inspiration and Healing is essential to feeling safe and happy and free.
Whether you have a formal spiritual practice or simply practice everyday Loving kindness, it is essential to Inner Peace.
Whether you “know” or “pray” for that which you want to be true for humanity, you are choosing to believe.

As a young child, I was called a “True Believer” and indeed, it still remains to be the Source of my Faith.
I “know” and believe in the Goodness in All creation.
I see our Creator, the Unlimited Power in our living, as creating perfection.
Yes, our Creator, gave humanity the freedom to believe or not, to choose or not, to create or destroy.
And Yes, Humanity has made many mistakes including stepping away from our natural Goodness and our Creator.
Yes, in judging our separation from what Is called God, the natural Goodness that is our inheritance, we have begun to mis-create and build defenses against what is our birthright, an experience of Goodness, Abundance and Love.

I believe all original “faiths’ were trying to remind their people of Love, of right living, and creating what is Good for All.
And I also see that we have forgotten, corrupted and misused our beliefs for our selfish benefit, often to defend against what we fear.
Attack begets attack.
Judgment begts judgment…person to person and faith to faith, nation to nation.

We are here to heal.
We are here to be helpful.
We are here to drop the barriers of hatred and history.
We are here to remember we are One People and One planet.

Reunion Ministries is called to help humanity, one person at a time, to come into right relationship with themselves,
with their loved ones and with the Source of All That Is.

When we can love and respect ourselves, we will love and respect others.
When we love and respect ourselves, others will love and respect us.
When we love and respect ourselves, we teach, model and inspire others to love and respect themselves.
When we love and respect ourselves, we show others how to love and respect others.

Faith begins within.
Find what you believe in.
Give all your heart and mind to what you believe and see it change your life.
When our faith is doubted, we go nowhere because our energy is saying YES and NO at the same time.
Give your belief to what matters to you, to the Highest Vision you hold and watch your life work for you.

Loving you,
Betty Lue