Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Are You Employed?

Employed by Whom?
And For What Purpose?

Who is your employer?
What is your work agreement?
What do you earn?
How do you feel about what you do?
How much do you work?
How are you supported?

Whether employed by a company, institution, another individual, yourself or God, the same applies.
Answer these questions for yourself: (Change your answers if they do not inspire you!)

Who do I work for?
I work for Love. To give Love, to encourage Love and to be a Loving Reminder.
What is the work I do?
I do Good work. I am employed by God for healing and Holy work.
What do I earn?
I earn a feeling of peace and happiness inside.
What do I feel about the work I do?
I feel energized, inspired and grateful for what I do. This is my work, my play and my life.
How much do I work?
As a self-employed, God-employed person, there is no time off.
(Even on “vacation”, there is inner listening and visioning and responding to those who call.)
Whether, creating, affirming, caring for our simple needs, communicating, listening or offering counseling, coaching, teaching and healing, I am available 24/7.
How am I supported?
The contributions I receive as inspirational (spiritual) therapist and coach, provide for our living costs.
The contributions Reunion Ministries receives for classes, workshops these reminders and free will support the Centers expenses, outreach and those who cannot pay for the services provided for by Robert and myself. We turn no one away, while encouraging everyone to make a contribution in some way, empowering the fair exchange of energy and resources.

The greatest source of support is the Spirit within that supplies my needs through your appreciation and validation of effective and inspired living. My enthusiasm and physical energy support me in going forward with appropriate rest by in a fast moving pace with a fullness of heart. The world I want to see and leave for all children is being built and sustained one person at a time. Your heartfelt appreciation and love, both seen and felt from what you share with me, and from the energetic soulful connection we have, is the wind beneath my wings and the song in my heart. You matter because you are a part of me. In you I see all humanity and it inspires me to listen and follow and go forward with enthusiasm and confidence that God is all there is and Good is our true and Essential Nature.

Ask yourself how you can apply these questions and inspired answers to cleaning a bathroom, changing a diaper, being a salesclerk,
washing cars, going to school, writing a poem, preparing a meal, balancing your checkbook, answering the phone, writing an email.

Just one little change in attitude in all you do, will change your life!

Be employed by Goodness (God) it Self for the purpose of doing Good.
Earn a feeling of being Good and feeling Good about your life.
Work everyday with everyone to feel good about the healing and helpful encounter.
Know you are supported by the Good world, your Good work and the Good you are giving one moment at a time. Trust you and your whole life are a Good work.

Loving you,
Betty Lue