Tuesday, January 22, 2008


On this full moon and harvest day, moving into Aquarius and time of humanitarian and expansive visioning, let us remember to give thanks.
There is no more fun, safe and easy way to live than in gratitude for all we have, who we are and what we have created.
With the “attitude of gratitude”, life works.
When we focus on the Good, and only Good, we generate good thoughts, good feeling, good relationships, good health, happiness and more of the Good we are appreciating.
Life works with gratitude and appreciation.

Yes, it is simple.
The Good life is simple.
The fun, safe easy life is a life of ease and joy.
The simple life is the life of no fear and lots of Love.

It is fear that begets complexity.
Complicated defenses and pretenses again all that is feared.
It is Love that begets simplicity.
Simple thoughts, feeling, words and deeds filled with natural and effortless loving.

The message is clear, said many times and many ways.
Love is the Way, the Truth and Life ItSelf.
Love is the real deal.
Love is all there really is, when all the rest is laid to rest.
Love is the path of peace and happiness.

So why not try it for a moment, a day or a lifetime.
Give Love an opportunity to make your life better and brighter today.
Give Love a chance to heal and grow You and those around you.
Give Love and let Love give to you.

We are rich in Love when we let it flow.
We are healed in Love when we let it bring sweet release.
We are strengthened in Love when we trust the Truth it brings.
We are inspired by Love, when we allow it to enlighten our minds and open our hearts to the Infinite

Love is All there Really Is, when the rest is laid aside.
Blessed be Love,
Betty Lue