Tuesday, December 25, 2007

What Do You Believe?

Whatever we believe is our experience and our Truth.
Whatever we believe is what we seek and find in our seeking.
What we believe is our path to peace and our way to love.

I believe in Good, the intrinsic Goodness of creation.
I believe in the essential Goodness in all humanity.
I believe that Love, pure Love, calls forth that inner Goodness.
I believe that God is perfect Love and Perfect Love is All Good.
I believe that Christmas is the symbolic birth of Goodness on Earth.
I believe that Jesus of Nazareth was One sent to remind us of Pure Love.
I believe that many others have been sent to represent The Love of our Creator and source.
I believe that Santa represents the Spirit of loving by giving to one another anonymously.
I believe that each and everyone can enter into the spirit of Christmas by giving Love.
I believe that it is Love that heals and grows and inspires, that Love lights our way.
I believe that all of us err in how we live and love, think and act, and love forgives all things.
I believe that our imperfections are object lessons to demonstrate the power of forgiveness.
I believe that we can erase the past and begin anew choosing again for Goodness and Love.
I believe that we are all students and teachers of loving Goodness.
I believe that the Christ in you is the Light I see when I seek your inner Goodness and Love.
I believe that what I can see in you is a reflection of the Light and Love in me.
I believe that during times of apparent external darkness, we are called to shine ever bright.
I believe that when there is a lack of love and forgiveness, we are called to offer the Love within.
I believe that the Love of God and the goodness within our brothers is all we are to see.
I believe that it is through forgiving mistakes and fearing nothing, we come to know God.
I believe that our loving kindness given to all equally represents God’s Love here on Earth.
I believe that as we bless our world with Peace and Good Will to all humanity, we awaken.
I believe that in our awakening, we see the Light and delight with Gratitude and Joy for All That Is.
I believe that we are all in the right place at the right time doing the perfect things with the perfect ones.
I believe that we are hands and feet, the eyes and ears, the heart and mind of God, the All Good.
I believe that we can and will clear the fear with our forgiveness and love right here.
I believe that you and I and everyone of us are family, wanting and waiting to come home to Love.
I believe Christmas is a reminder that we are all in this together here to Love one another.
I love you .
I love God, the All Good.
I love all my brothers and sisters.
I love myself.
For I believe we are all One: One Light, One Love One Source, One Expression of God.
And in this belief I find inner peace and Great Joy which I share with all people.
Betty Lue

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