Friday, December 21, 2007


It is our spiritual and inspirational vision that portends our future experience.

When we hold an image in our mind, we begin to set in place the mental attitude emotions move and our doingness supports what we have imagined.

Take time to imagine each day, each encounter each experience as healing and holy.

What you see and believe within, you will make manifest.

Hold the vision and wash away your doubts and fears.
Second thoughts corrupt the beauty and goodness of what you really desire.
Give yourself time to forgive all that interferes with the Glad tidings you bring.

You are King in your own realm. Miracles occur because you Love.
The bright Light of Joy shines on all you think and say and do.
You are the One who bears gifts to al the innocent ones being born in this healing and Holy Light.
Believe it or not, you are creating the experience you have.

As you come to each new moment, give yourself to Love.
As you bring your words and smile and touch, offer Peace.
As you share your healing Presence, bring the Love you Are.
As you speak and write your appreciation, See within each one the Holy One.

You are the Loving Reminder here on Earth, here to birth a new world of Hope and Faith and Love.

Loving you,
Betty Lue

I want to remind you of Who We Are and Why We Have Come to this Holy Place together.
We are the Ones who give the real meaning to Christmas and everyday.
May your family times be healing.
May you be the One who forgives all and remembers only Love is Real.

Let this be a sign unto you.
See yourSelf in this child’s face.
Remember every day is Your Birth Day.
Everyday is the rebirth to the Christ Light in You.
Each day you are reminded to celebrate with innocent Joy!
And This Day is Your Time to Shine out Your Love.

You are awakening everyOne you meet to share their De Light!
Let this be your healing and Holy Present!
I see You. I know You. I love You.
Betty Lue
I am celebrating your awakening and Birth Day!