Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Spiritual Calling

Just nine years ago (when we had moved back to the San Francisco Bay Area), I asked Spirit what I could do to continue my ministry of ReUnion.
I was guided to use the computer (I was then computer avoidant) to send our daily inspiration, specifically my morning inner guidance.
Since 1977 I have listened within daily and allowed spirit to guide my decisions, contributions, and the founding of 18 non-profit holistic healing, counseling and spiritual centers in five states, under our non-profit Reunion Ministries.
Spirit was asking me to share my guidance with everyone who wished to receive the good news and loving reminders.

And so I began on Jan. 1, 1999 with daily inspiration being emailed to hundreds and now with the forwarding some of you do, to thousands around the planet.
This is my loving reminder for myself.
This is my way of making a difference one person at a time. T
his brings joy and inspiration to me.
Not only what is shared, but the caring intention behind it gives me a real connection with each one of you who receive these reminders.
We are together, in Reunion, when we perceive neither space nor time.
We can feel the union and the Love and the Peace of God, knowing always that we are there and here for one another.
We know that there will never be a need that cannot be filled when we are together in faith and prayer.

Yesterday we picked up my Mom from SFO airport and (because the plane was 2 hrs. late) went directly to our afternoon caroling holiday party for a women’s recovery rehab 3-6 month program for women who have children.
For me, my Christmas is in the opportunity to share joy and love and faith and peace with one another.
Yes, we brought homemade cookies and brownies and juice and gifts for the kids and sang carols together as a spiritual family.
We gave teddy bears to the Moms as well, because some have no family to remind them “You are loved!” during the difficult and lonely times.
It was in their sincere gratitude to us for taking the time, their lingering strong hugs and the way we ll laughed together…elders and young adults as family.
This made my Christmas!!!!!
And we still have several other caroling and party events to share the glad tidings of Great Joy!
Life can be fun, safe and easy, when we LOVE one another.

And last night our Awaken class met and finished the year 2007 with the Littlest Angel (1946) which remains my favorite Xmas story which I read aloud annually and always cry with the sweet love therein.
Yes we have family dinners and games and a few gifts for the little ones on Thursday and Friday, Saturday.
And next week some outings with the children and my Mom (now 86 yrs and very with it!)
The extra special events which often have more spiritual content are with our classes and groups, the ministry students, the congregants at our Unity Church and those who will be meeting us for caroling on Christmas Day.
When we take the time to share with one another the intrinsic meaning of these holy days, when we give ourselves the opportunity to fully express our love and caring,
when we dance with joy and sing our with the Love and Light in us, we really can feel what is REAL!

Love is Christmas!
More Delight is Christmas!
Be as a child and give the Love you are to each and everyone you encounter this year!
Know the True Joy of Christmas everyday.

Loving You,
Betty Lue