Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Ready for Change?

In preparation for the year 2008, you may want to consider making a few changes.
I have made several commitments to myself for the coming year.
I am ready to make the changes needed.
However, I am noticing all the blocks, interferences, excuses and resistance to changing anything.

What are the common barriers to change?
Comfort with what is already in place.
Lethargy or lack of energy to do the changing.
Lack of momentum or impetus.
Laziness meaning my energy and interest goes elsewhere.
Avoiding the possibility of failure by never starting.

When I look at this list of excuses, it is laughable and so unlike me.
When I consider not making the changes needed, it is unacceptable to me.
When I let myself get away with avoiding what is needed to be my best self, it is just not OK.

Soooooooooo. What now?

Utilize My Power tools.
Clarity: I must be clear and specific on what exactly I want to change.
Choice: I must choose with all of me the outcome I desire to achieve.
Commitment: I must take full responsibility for what I want to do.
Communication: I must declare with full conviction that which I am choosing.
Consistency: I must persist until I succeed, with no excuse for less than my best.

Keys for Success
Vision: I hold a vision of the outcome I desire.
Faith: I believe I can achieve what I conceive.
Passion: I have the desire and will to fulfill my vision.
Commitment: I am determined to continue until I succeed.
Strategy: I stay in touch with my inner ReSource to guide my way.
Action: I do daily exactly what is needed and correct mistakes on the way.
Gratitude: I reward my Self with appreciation and affirmation each step.

The key to success is to persist until you succeed.
Write down your goals. (Only one or two is preferable)
Imagine how you will feel arriving at the desired outcome.
Give yourself so rewards along the way.
Develop strategies to overcome resistance.
Actually schedule time daily to review and accomplish what is desired.
Like training a pet, we must be present with the process.
Affirm and appreciate every small change and new choice.
Ask for spiritual and inspirational support.
Give yourself credit for your willingness.
Be happy about the whole journey of love and appreciation for your best Self.
Say YES often.

I love us all for being happy and willing learners and change agents for ourselves and in our world!
Yeah Team!!
Betty Lue