Thursday, December 20, 2007

Love More!

Love is.
It really isn’t quantifiable, no more or less.
Christ Mas. Light more. Holiness more. Love more.
This really means to me to let go of fear.
Let go of withholding.
Let go of judging.
Let go of trying.
Let go of symbols of love—i.e. gifts.
Let go of making up for the past.
Let go of fixing anyone.
Let go of getting the approval or appreciation you want.
Let go of hiding your light.
Let go of keeping your feelings of gratitude to yourself.
Let go of not sending your blessings to everyone.
Let go of treating some better than others.
Let go of denying yourself the peace you want.
Let go of holding yourself separate from others.
Let go of making others earn your love.
Let go of keeping to yourself.
Let go of waiting.
Let go of denying that you care.
Let go of any and all blocks that keep you from freely and naturally giving your best to all.

I noticed that I feel awkward and guilty when I don’t give to the salvation army bell ringers.
This feeling tells me I am withholding something. At the very least, I can smile and say, “God bless you.”
The same holds true for anyone asking for money.
It is our guilt that keeps ups separate, irritated and shrinking away.
We will feel guilty anytime we are not fully and freely sharing the love we are and the blessings we have.
Guilt will show up as staying away from the one with whom we have guilt or it will show up as blame.
Guilt can be healed very easily and quickly by remembering life is for giving.
Give the light, the blessings, the prayers, the appreciation and the love you are.
Be willing to be the Love.
Ahhh! Then Life is fun, safe and easy!!

Loving you easily and freely and with great and abundant joy!
Betty Lue

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