Sunday, December 23, 2007

Light, Light and More Light

“We are the Light of the World.
That is our only function.
That is why we are here.” ACIM

Here we are in times of darkness, here to bring the light.
Some call us light workers.
Some would say we are full of delight or delightful.
Some would say we shine the light on darkness and see the light within.

To be the Light and bring the Light, we must forgive all darkness within.
To bring the Peace of God, we must forgive all conflict.
To extend the Love of God, we must clear the fear.
To share our Joy, we must heal our hurt and suffering.

Our call is to enlighten ourselves from within, to light up our own darkness and erase all sin.

To be enlightened is to suspend all judgment and see beneath the surface appearances.
To be enlightened is to lift our minds to seek only God and the Good.
To be enlightened is to seek and find blessings within everything.
To be enlightened is to be at peace with what is: to let go and let God.

From the light within ourselves we can shine that light to our world.

Where lost in ignorance, let us offer education.
Where consumed by fear, let us give always and only love.
Where stuck in our humanness, let us remember our Divinity.
Where holding judgment and hatred, let us offer peace and Good will.

We often believe in the shadow we cast with the denseness of our body.
We forget that our body is mostly space between the molecules.
What looks solid is actually 85 or more water…fluid and malleable.
When there is illness or death of the physical body, it appears the light has gone.

When we remember energy can be neither created nor destroyed, we know the individual light is set free.
The light in us cannot die or be destroyed, for it is eternal, the creative spark of the Universe.
The life in us is the gift we are here to give, to create what is good and beautiful and holy.
The love in us is the Love of goodness here to heal, to remind and to bring together our spiritual family.

Let us be reminded.
The light is in you and me.
We are free to create from this energy whatever we choose.
What is your gift, your creation here on earth?

Loving you,
Betty Lue