Monday, December 17, 2007

How Can you be Happy and at Peace?

The fastest way I know to unhappiness and inner upset is to judge and fear and blame someone.
The fastest way I know to happiness and inner peace is to forgive, erase all judgments of anyone.

Today’s lesson from A Course in Miracles is: “My sinless brother is my guide to peace”. ACIM
It is a reminder that when we see others as holy, when we forgive the mistakes of humanity, we are on the path to peace.

The more we forgive, the more peaceful we feel.
The more we erase past history, the more we are open to create a positive future.
The more we let go of our own mistakes and see their learning value and gifts, the more we can undo the mistakes, errors and “sins” of others and our world.

Judging is upsetting.
Judging creates fear.
Judging stops the picture.
Judging causes prejudice and arrogance.
Judging is an attack.
Judging sets up the fear of being judged.
Judging is a self-fulfilling prophecy.
Judging begets more judgments.
Judging induces process of proving ourselves right.
Judging leads only to pain and suffering, attack and fear.

We cannot see what is for the overall highest good.
We cannot know what is in the mind, the history, the energy of any individual including ourselves.
We do not know what is in our own best interests.
Judging is far beyond the scope of what any of us can do.
When we relinquish our attack thoughts, we become open, appreciative, sensitive, able to respond and genuinely creative and desirous of helping and healing.

It is my intention in life to be a loving reminder.
I am the space of freedom and trust where love is remembered and wholeness restored.

May you find peace today by forgiving your judgments.
We need only forgive our thinking to find peace within.
We need only erase our mind by filling it with light and loving thoughts.
We need only seek the peace of God, of Goodness and Mercy and Love.
We need only rely on the universal power and Presence of One whose only purpose is our Good.
So let there be peace on Earth and let it begin with me this day in loving all One and everyone.
I ask for nothing and am willing to give everything that we might remember the Love within.

Blessed be.
Betty Lue