Monday, December 31, 2007

Honorable Closure and Peaceful Completions

It is time to close 2007 with forgiveness, gratitude and our blessing.
It is only when we leave someone or something with peace in our heart that we know it is done.
It is only when we have no regret, resistance, judgment or fear, that we are clear to move on.
It is only when we can really say “Amen” and “Blessed be.” that we are free to choose again.

When haunted by past memories or assailed by some repetitive problem, we are not complete.
We have not learned the lessons before us.
Or we have not forgiven ourselves for continuing the same reactive and fear-based response.
Or we have not completed our communication with love, gratitude and blessing for one and all.

Hauntings are merely the remembrance of what is unfinished nagging for our attention and blessing.
Fears are also the residual energy causing us to see where we are not being true to the voice of God.
Recurring day dreams, nightmares or apparent repetitive difficulties are the result of incompletion.
Wherever we find ourselves stuck in the same old stuff, we are being called to forgive and choose again.

Much as my happy self might not enjoy the process of digging through the unflushed poop of the past,
there is a reason it remains in my subconscious and semi consciousness.
The inner request is always to flush the cosmic toilet.
In order to fully let go, I must finish digesting what I chose with my imagination, words and actions.
I must take responsibility for my entire experience and ask where I was blind, neglectful or in avoidance.

I love this failsafe life in which we cannot fail to learn, to clear, to forgive, to heal, to GET IT.
I am grateful I have chosen the school of life in which we are given infinite opportunities to succeed.
To reach into our Greatness, to find the inner Light, to set our minds on the Highest Goal is to win.
To clear the fear, to undo what is not True, to buy only what is priceless and to live in Love is the goal.

No matter what others say, the answer for Peace lies within you and me.
We set ourselves free to be, to create anew and to live with the Truth, when we take responsibility.

Forgive everyone and everything for all time, including yourself.
Step our in faith, with joy in your heart and Peace in mind and give your very best all the time.
Let go of yesterday for it no longer exists except to cloud your field of possibility.
Eat, drink and be merry, for we cannot fail to bring forth the Truth of the Love We Are.

Forgive all past errors inyourself and others.
Erase what does not bring your joy.
Offer to God, the Highest Healing Presence you know, that which you cannot forgive and let go.
Be grateful that you are happy and willing to do the work.

Life is a carousel, with music playing in the background while we go up and down.
Around and around, looking at the same scenery, making us dizzy until we focus on NOW.
When we come to enjoy the ride right where we are, we cannot rest in love, laughter and be at home.
When we see all are forgiven and enjoy the ride for its simple truths, we can say “Amen and “Blessed Be”.

For all of us I say thank you for the learning, the healing and the growth.
Thanks to All that Is for leading us to rely more on inner authority rather than outer conformity.
Thanks for another Great Year in which we lay fear aside and allow Love to reside in our hearts.
Thanks for the opportunity to re renewed in faith, in love, in creativity and in Spirit.

Blessed be and Amen,
Betty Lue