Sunday, December 16, 2007

Creating Real Family!

“We are here to awaken from the illusion of our separateness.” Thich Nhat Hanh
“Building community one person at a time is a gift to all.” Betty Lue
Deepak Chopra is creating an “alliance for humanity with human forums for co-creation of a new world.”

Reunion was created in 1977 by the joining of many families and individuals for positive parenting, healing relationships, building a better world for generations to come.
It became a tax exempt non-profit in 1981, at the same time as I was ordained as a minister of Reunion.

Now known as Reunion Ministries, with over 31 ordained ministers and another 11 in our 2-3 year facilitation program, we have travelled and taught, counseled and coached thousands of individuals and their families.
Our work is inspirational, educational and supportive of each one in finding their own Authentic Self, living True to their own values and practicing ways that Heal, Inspire and Empower them to Give their Best.

Reunion is the calling to re-connect with ourselves and with one another.
Reunion is the path to return to the Source of our Good.
Reunion is remembering Love and Returning to wholeness and our intrinsic Holiness.
Reunion is our way to heal isolation and alienation and fear.

Spiritual Inner Guidance has given us opportunities to found 18 non-profit holistic healing and counseling centers in five states, relying on faith, our own money, ingenuity and practical abilities.
“When the focus is on giving abundantly, much is accomplished from seemingly minimal resources. “

With each new Center, we have built healing community with those who came as practitioners, teachers, students, clients and volunteers.
Every Center had no paid employees, with independent holistic practitioners volunteering their energies for the Center operation.
No one is ever turned away due to limited financial resources. All are served to the best we have.

It is in our togetherness that we heal and find the Love within.
It is in our separateness that we feel alone, lost, alienated and afraid.
It is in our cooperation and mutual respect that we find our confidence, our courage and our authenticity.
It is in our competition and comparison that we find our weakness, our self doubts, and need to pretend.
It is in our willingness and happiness to give all to all that we have all we need and more.
It is in our unwillingness and withholding what we have that we lose faith, joy and inner peace.

No matter what the message being shared;
Our work and play is always about healing our separation from Self, for Source and from one another to build community and spiritual family.
Where two or more are joined, there all things are possible.
We are all in this together.
There is only One of Us. You are my reflection.
With the Love of God in us, there is nothing we cannot do.

Let this Holiday Season and our new year of 2008 be about reclaiming the family of humanity.
Take time to give a smile, a blessing, a kind word and a little gift to each one who asks.

Remember: There is no loss in true giving.
We are all giving to ourselves, the Greater One.
What is given with love and Joy is received in the giving.

Loving you in living the Highest Truth I know,
Betty Lue