Saturday, December 22, 2007

A Child’s Christmas

Christmas is for children.
Celebrated in most cultures, Christmas is really about giving joy to children.
During much of the year, parents are at work and children are in school.
During this winter holiday vacation, we can take extra time to focus on hugs,
laughter, hot chocolate with marshmallows, games, little gifts in stockings, stories,
special cookies, time with family, special treats to eat and lots of fun for everyone.

What happened to the Child’s Christmas?
Overdoing everything became a financial and energy burden instead of a joy.
When we shifted from one special present or a single sticking for each child to buying presents for everyone.
Then we competed with ourselves to buy more or bigger or more expensive each year.
Somehow we forgot that Christmas is really to love our children by giving them a special day.
The innocence in children gets lost in our measuring how much is given and how many gifts are around our tree.

The magic of Christmas is in the caring and sharing for each other.
The delightful wonder of Christmas is in the beauty of the lights and the smell of hot cider and cookies in the oven.
The joy of Christmas is in watching the delight on each child’s face as they embrace that one gift that says, “I love you.”
Christmas is calling those who are far away or visiting ones unable to travel to us.
Christmas is sharing our joy by singing carols or bring home-baked cookies to our neighbors.
Christmas is singing the familiar carols of day’s gone by with those we love.
Christmas is waking on Christmas morning wondering if Santa has come and eaten the mild and cookies we left for him.
Christmas is the day with family and friends together playing games and talking about how much we care about one another.
Christmas is remembering all the good times and forgetting the yuck.
Christmas is the renewal of our faith and hope for the new year.
Christmas is casting a new light on what can be if we all can simply remember to forgive the past and love one another right now.
Christmas is a new beginning.

With the innocence of a child, we can delight in the simple acts of loving kindness.
With the joy of a child, we can smile and say, “I love you.”
With the gentleness of a child, we can give a heartfelt hug or smile.
Through a child’s heart and mind, we can remember the miracle of the birth of that special One.

Loving and blessing us all as we remember to Love, simply Love.
Betty Lue