Monday, December 24, 2007

Blessings of Peace in All Minds

Blessings of Peace in All Minds, Joy in All Hearts and Love in All Homes!

Winter Solstice
Full Moon
Christmas Eve

The message is clear: The Light has come.
When we have forgiven the world, the light comes.

When we have forgiven ourselves, the light comes from within with a rebirth of inspiration and joy.
When we have forgiven our past, the light comes and we realize that only the precious Present matters.
When we have forgiven our family history, the light comes and we see them simply calling for our Love.
When we have forgiven the world, we stop complaining, resenting and begin creating what we want.
When we have forgiven sickness, disasters and problems, we are able to respond with kindness and love.
When we have forgiven our judgments, fears and failings, we see them all as learning opportunities.
When we have forgiven governments and world leaders, we recognize they do the best they know.
When we have forgiven everyone and everything, we see all things new again and are grateful.

Life works when we do the work of forgiving.
In the act of forgiving our minds are erased and we are filled with light.
Forgiveness is an eraser filled with love.
There is only Love and the call for Love.

If anyone is sending an unloving message, they seek only to be loved.
If anyone is pushing away the love, they believe they do not deserve to be loved.
If anyone is is reaching out with love, they only want the love to be received and cherished.
If anyone is afraid to trust love, they will find ways to hold the loving one away.

Guilt pushes love away.
Guilt blames the one trying to love.
Guilt withholds and withdraws from love.
Guilt is a false protection which can look like resentment.
Guilt is always calling for forgiveness and Love.

When we forget to shine our light, we feel guilty.
When we withhold our Love, we feel guilty.
When we resist being loved, we feel guilty.
When we hurt those we love, we feel guilty.

Forgiveness always begins and ends with me forgiving me.
When I erase all guilt, I become fearless in loving.
When I erase all withholds, resentments and resistance, I remember the Love I Am.
When I clear all blocks to Love, I shine the Light.
I am Bright and True and Free and Let It Be.

May the Son and the Sun shine always in all ways for all to see in you and me!
Loving you and me as One,
Betty Lue