Thursday, December 13, 2007

Are You Awake?

“What is enlightenment?”, I was asked recently.
Enlightenment is waking up from unconsciousness, fear, guilt and victimization.
Enlightenment is taking total responsibility for your whole life and your experiences.
Enlightenment is seeing what is without judgment, analysis, fixing or making wrong.
Enlightenment is being willing to be peaceful, happy and in love no matter what.

My 30 Days to Enlightenment Diet was outlined over 20 years ago.
I never wrote the book, because I was actively living the life.
So many others have written about the “how to’s”.
One of my favorites is “Lazy Man’s Guide to Enlightenment” by Thaddeus ……

How do we wake up?
Stop judging anything or anyone, including yourself.
And if you judge, immediately correct it with, “My judgment means nothing.” That is the truth.

How can we possibly see the whole picture of anyone’s life or the life of our planet?
From our minuscule perspective we cannot understand the unfolding of human consciousness?
What I write here in these reminders is in response to the query of those seeking to learn or be reminded.

I cannot know the answer for you.
I can by my own example lead you to your own inner guidance, discovery and understanding.
I do know that it is when we are at peace that the greatest awareness, healing and wisdom comes to us.
I do know that all of us have the potential for waking up to the natural greatness and goodness within.

I trust in all these things.
I have seen miracles occur naturally with Love.
I have faith in the limitless power and peace that exists in all life.
I celebrate that Awakening and Rebirth of the Christ, the enlightened One and light that lives in All.

Happiness is a choice.
Love is a choice.
Peace is a choice.
Enlightenment is being willing to make that choice and live with our spiritual eyes wide open.

Loving you and seeing you whole and Holy,
Blessed be All That Is,
Betty Lue