Tuesday, November 13, 2007


Intention of Words
It is easy to say and write words.
Words are merely symbols of the underlying intention of the one expressing.
Words are one’s best attempt to convey an experience or perception, a thought or concept.
We speak a lot of words, but rarely ask what they really mean to the speaker.

What Is the Message?
Only in silence and stillness do we find the real experience we seek. As we learn to listen within, in quiet, we can hear and feel and know that Presence that teaches, leads and guides us to the happiness we seek. The words given by the messenger are always first for the one carrying the message.
And so it is that I constantly learn and live what I am teaching and sharing and expressing.

Power of Living the Message
My life is living the Message.
My words are a loving reminders of the messages I am living.
The vibration of the words is my intention: That we all have the choice to live the Good Life.
My offerings shared publicly and privately are the gift of my Authentic Self to awaken All to Love.

My Intention
My passion and my purpose and my daily practice are to give the best I know to everyone.
I seek to awaken all to live in health, happiness and harmony with one another.
When I speak or write, I am reminding myself of what I intend to live.
Each expression is an inspiring Loving Reminder first for me and then for you, if it fits for you.

Meaningless and Empty Words
Words without a meaningful message are filling the space.
Words without the integrity of the speaker or teacher are without substance.
Words without inspiration and helpfulness have no value.
Words just to keep the connection going probably sound like static.

Mixed Messages
Words can be nurturing, nourishing and uplifting
Words can be like fast food and empty calories.
Idle or social chatter is easily forgotten.
Positive and inspiring conversation is remembered and valued.

Value of Silence
Some say the spiritual path has fewer and fewer words.
Consider being silent when you have nothing meaningful to say.
It is amazing what you hear and see and know when you are quiet.
And when there is a true need, you can respond in a real way with real Loving Kindness.

Wow! I see words as energy which I choose to use for Good and only Good.
And so it is.

Loving you,
Betty Lue
Can you feel how sincerely I am Loving You?