Monday, November 12, 2007

Spiritual Responsibilities

Being comfortable may be the call of our human self and ego.
Being comfortable may be listening to limiting beliefs and fear.
Being uncomfortable may be the invitation to honor the challenge to limitlessness.
Being uncomfortable may be listening to our inspired and expansive Loving Self.

There often is pre-miracle anxiety and post-miracle depression.
Know that the signs we see are created by our thoughts.
When thoughts are directed by the ego or fearful self , the signs will try to stop us.
When the thoughts re directed by Spirit or Love It Self, the signs will inspire us.

Doing what will make us happy and comfortable is often our fear of doing what will heal and grow us.
Taking the easy way is often our excuse for not doing what we have believed to be hard or scary.
Fun, safe and easy comes from following Spirit within, even when life seems dangerous and difficult.
Our work is to prepare ourselves mind, body and spirit to Trust in the wholeness and Holiness of Love.

When we don’t feel like doing something, it is often a growthful or challenging experience.
It is easy to say “NO” to what isn’t comfortable.
It may feel difficult to say YES to what is challenging our self-made limits.
We get lazy and allow what is easy and comfortable to run our lives, rather than learn from challenges.

To know God is to trust in our unlimited potential.
To trust in our potential, we must experience it in daily life.
To experience our limitlessness, we must challenge ourselves to “Go for it!”.
To experience our freedom, we must rise to the occasion and say “Yes” to what is unfamiliar.
To experience what is not in our usual comfort zone, we need to trust in God.

So here we go, challenging our faith.
I am not a body. I am free and Unlimited.
I am not my mind. I can change my thoughts and attitudes, beliefs and opinions.
I am not my emotions. I can elect to change the thoughts that hurt or negate my wholeness and freedom.
I am Spirit. I am unlimited in Power, in Creativity and In Peace.

Loving you with Freedom and Trust,
Betty Lue