Sunday, November 18, 2007


How Do These Reminders Come?
From where do the answers or words come?
How Do You receive your own Loving Reminders?

The inspiration is sometimes a client or reader request.
Sometimes there are needs presented to me by students or clients that seem urgent and important.
There are visions or dreams that come or events I see or have been asked for help that call for response.
My calling is to always and in always respond with freedom and trust.

If the answer has not been complete, received and shared in that moment, the question stays with me.
When I awaken and sit at my keyboard, the resolution appears in words or at least I am given peace.
The work is not over 30 years old, having begun to listen within consistently in 1977.
At the same time I experienced a spiritual awakening through rebirthing and A Course in Miracles.

The three gifts coincided perfectly, as I learned I could totally trust the Voice Within.
Sitting silently with no distraction is the key to listening.
Emptying your own mind by writing down your concerns and questions first is needed.
Breathing in Spirit with the request to know what is for the Highest Good is essential.

Learn to listen for that still small voice that responds immediately to all requests and inquiries.
Learn to respect what you hear and be grateful for your willingness to listen.
Learn to let go of judgments, fears and limiting beliefs and honor the Goodness and Love offered.
Learn to give yourself the freedom to ask again, to clarify, to dialogue as an equal partner.

Abundant and peaceful living is about honoring the True Self within you as spiritual friend.
Being truly helpful is giving your life over to the Highest and Best within you.
Finding the healing and spiritual development and Self realization you seek, comes from within.
Learning to let go of the surface personality, negating beliefs and miscreations of the world is key.

Life is undoing what is not True, what is no longer helpful and what is not of God and for God.
We are here to find the Love (God) within.
We are here to live with Love (God) leading the way.
We are here to realize that our experiences come from Love’s Power, Presence and Creativity.

When we cease making ourselves victims of our own vain imagining,
When we forgive our mistaken perceptions and faulty judgments,
When we learn to trust in a deeper awareness of God and Goodness,
We can and will create a world of healing, happiness and harmony for All.

Waking us together is my aim.
In this lies the Peace of God.
Betty Lue