Wednesday, November 14, 2007

No One Asked

How many times have you judged without asking first?
How many times have you been judged before anyone seeks to know you or your intention?
How many times do we fight before we discuss?
How many times do we dismiss another before we seek common ground?

All of us want to be valued.
We all do our best to love and be loved.
All children seek to find a safe place to belong.
Even the most unhappy person wants to find peace.

It takes so little to suspend and set aside our judgments.
It is a small task to forgive our misperceptions.
It is a little gift of love to shine light where there was darkness.
It takes so little to educate the ignorant.

When we wait too long until we are filled with resentment, there is no patience for sharing.
When we ask no questions or become self protective we cannot see where there is need.
When we make our opinions right and become righteous, there is no room for understanding.
When we get lost in defensiveness and attack, we cannot see what is Truth and the call for Love.

We cannot heal what is not real.
What is not real is the negative and negating shadow we cast across the landscape of our perception.
We cannot erase the darkened face of our brother’s pain by simply casting judgments on one another.
We cannot alleviate the suffering of the inner child left alone, abused, abandoned and afraid with guilt.

We can only change our mind.
We can encourage one another to see things differently.
We can choose openness and willingness.
We can listen within to the only Voice that gives true forgiveness and Perfect Love.

We can stop ourselves from attacking.
We can look for other viewpoints.
We can listen for the higher ground, the more kind way.
We can find the time to take the time to share from the heart of appreciation and open-mindedness.

It is only when I am willing to change my misperceptions with forgiveness of my fears, tears and pain,
It is only when I can ask from my heart to hear the inner call of my brother and all others,
It is only when I know there must be a better and more loving way to live and give and serve,
It is only then I hear the call of God to Love one another and I find an inner Peace.

And so it is, that I am and will and serve to love all today and everyday,
Blessed be,
Betty Lue