Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Meaningful Holidays

How can you make this Thanksgiving the most meaningful you have ever experienced?

No matter whether you are with family, friends, serving others or by yourself, you can make this year full of genuine appreciation and thanksgiving.

You are the gift in life. Your life, your thoughts and prayers, your words, written and spoken you deeds of loving kindness and generosity all create the world you see and the experiences you have.

When you care for yourself with full appreciation for the eyes that see beauty, the feet that carry you to new places, the hands that offer loving touch and the senses that enjoy a good meal YUM!, you realize the blessing of your life.

When you care for another with total devotion and unconditional love, you begin to know the Love of God for all Creation and the miracle of our human family.

When you do the spiritual work of forgiveness, healing prayer, acts of anonymous service, gifts of joyful kindness and living within your own ethical boundaries, you feel the power of the Presence always.

When you sing songs of gratitude and praise to the creator, with gay abandon and lift your mind to thoughts of Creating Good everywhere for everyone, you know the Joy of total trust.

When you give each moment to loving service, giving your best and clearing the rest with respect for all beings and all life, you begin to feel connected, At One with all that is.

When you remember there is only Love, beneath the garbage of mis-creation and unconscious collecting of what is not essential and not eternal, You realize your life is merely to undo what is not true.

How can the holidays be more meaningful this year?
Bring meaning to them through you prayers of gratitude, your words of genuine appreciation and your acts of loving service.

Expect nothing in return and you will not be disappointed.
For you are here to receive the gracious gift of the Love you give.
Give the best to everyone, no matter what.
And your harvest will be the joy and confidence, the peace and serenity that come from Giving All.

Life is for giving.
You are the gift.
It is in giving that you realize the Gift of God’s Goodness you are.

I am loving you,
Betty Lue