Saturday, November 17, 2007

Living in Trust

There are cycles and seasons in life.
Coming into a body and exiting the body are an essential aspect of Self cultivation or spiritual growth.
Some say it is our soul’s choosing what family, what role, what life experience we have.
No matter the source, we all are at choice about how we respond to the journey through life.
We can complain and resist creating suffering and pain or we can appreciate and bless creating happiness and ease.

Life is our response-ability.
We can and do choose the resistance or ease with which we live.
We choose to be afraid or to enjoy the journey.
We can seek the blessings and Goodness or find the hardships and evil.

Where we place our attention determines our outlook, our perceptions and our experiences.
Where we appreciate and value we increase these experiences and relationships.
Where we ask “Why?,” we receive an endless pit of more questions and doubts.
Where we ask “How can I respond?”, we have the opportunity to explore our responses.

When life seems to happen to us, we can stop and listen to the Highest response within.
When someone we love is about to take a journey (death, hospital, divorce, move or vacation),
we can resist and grieve or encourage and appreciate.
How we respond to what is before us makes the difference in the outcome for all concerned.

When we get into the drama about the loss, the pain is endless and has no satisfying answers.
When we value the loving memories and blessings, given and received, the joy is abundant and inspiring.
We are at choice in this physical world of seeming relating from a place of have and have not.
We can seek the comfort of union, when we see ourselves as separate.
We can find a place to belong, when we believe ourselves alone.
We can focus on what is amusing and funny, when we get stuck in seriousness.
We can create beauty, where we see only ugliness.
We can clean up the mess, when lost in clutter and chaos.
We can stop and be still when the world seems harsh and busy with idle chatter.
We can cry warm tears of gratitude, when loved ones seem forgotten in their leaving.

But the real peace come from the eternal experience of the union of all life in its essence.
There is no separation except in our perception.
There is no lasting value to the body except in use as a vehicle to learn to communicate love.
There is no end to the Essence of the Love we share always and in all ways, in form and in the formless state of being.
We can find peace when we recognize the Eternal experience of Love beyond body and form.

Letting go is fun, safe and easy.
Love never ends: it simply changes form.
We are not our body, nor our mind nor our emotions.
We are Spirit, Unlimited in Love and Power and Peace.

And so it is. All is well.
Betty Lue

Dear Friend of Reunion Ministries,
You are an angel to Reunion Ministries and to me.
Your prayers, blessing and contributions empower the work we do together.
You are a source of inspiration and encouragement for me.
You are a mighty and gentle force of spiritual support.
I am indebted to you for joining me in this work.
Your input and feedback are essential to keep me on target.
Spiritual leaders need a strong “truth-telling” support team.