Friday, November 09, 2007

Healthy Food and Meals

Recommendations for you and your family:

Ingest the best and forget the rest.
Saving money on food is false economy.
Spend no money on no or little true nutrition.
Spend good money on getting foods that are fresh, clean and healthy.

You know what is Good for you and your loved ones.
You know you must give Love in thought, word and deed.
Give love when you prepare a meal.
Breathe Love into meal preparation and appreciate yourself.
Take time to enjoy the process..
The energy within the food is different when made with Love.

Use organic and locally grown produce as much as possible.
Use as few commercially prepared foods as possible.
Take time to understand what your family likes.
Keep a list going that everyone can add their favorites for purchase.
Remember where you limit or deprive your family of anything, it is craved.
When you use dessert or sweets as a reward, children learn to seek it.
When everything has equal value, we balance our eating habits.

What is made with love, tastes better, looks better and is healthier.
Give everyone healthy snack choices, so they can eat when hungry rather than waiting.
Keep a drawer in kitchen and shelf in frig for healthy snacking.
There are now protein bars for kids (Z bars available at Trader Joe’s)
Blood sugar levels are different for everyone.
Many people need 5-6 small meals daily to maintain optimum energy and health.

Lots of sunshine, fresh air and easy natural movement is healthy for everyone.
Simple chores outside the house are helpful and encourage positive movement.
Encourage all family members to have simple chores around meals.
(setting table, clearing table, putting away foods, getting up during the meal to serve.
Helping prepare salads or vegetables. Watching you prepare food with respect and Love,
sweeping the floor, putting away groceries, helping to bring bags in from the car.)
Keep a list of easy helpful chores for the whole family to learn to feel helpful, responsible, important and an equal part of the family.)

Decorate the table with placemats or place cards made by the children.
Add some new beauty to the family dinner table.
As much as possible keep meals at the same time daily.
Parents need to eat with their children to demonstrate manners, and healthy eating habits.
I am sure you can add to this list.

Know that our culture is mostly eating unconsciously (in front of TV or in the car or ??)
and often the most unhealthy foods that satisfy the surface personality, but do no nourish the physiology ,
energy system and needs for loving community and family.

Tips for Conscious Eating
Sit down to eat.
Eat only when hungry.
Stop when you are satisfied (not full).
Eat with little or no distraction.
Make eating a calm and stress free activity.
No TV. No yelling or punishing.
Keep mealtime enjoyable with amiable conversation and laughter.
Make sure you love what you eat, so what you eat will Love you.

Loving you always,
Betty Lue
Special community Thanksgiving feast this year on Nov. 17th at 3PM.
Ask me for details.