Thursday, November 22, 2007

Giving Thanks

Love is given in being grateful.
How can we not be appreciative of this amazing life.
How can we not remember the Power and Source beyond what we can see?
How can we not give praise and thanksgiving for the Goodness and Love that Is?

Let us remember that all things, seeming different in size, value and scope, are all to be appreciated.
I appreciate education and libraries and books, and research and teachers and universities.
I appreciate cleanliness, our garbage men ,incinerators, dumps, recycling and janitors and maids.
I appreciate the environment with horticulturists, bird watchers, naturalists, Green Peace and more.
I appreciate our homes, with sound roofs, walls, insulation, windows, floors, kitchens and bathrooms.
I appreciate the builders, workman, carpenters, plumbers, electricians, contractors, landscapers.
I appreciate transportation with cars, trucks, buses, trains, planes, bicycles, boats and helicopters.
I appreciate families, parents, grandparents, step parents, single parents, foster and adoptive parents.
I appreciate children of all ages and sizes and shapes and abilities and differences and difficulties.
I appreciate helpers, doctors, , nurses, practitioners, hospital and lab workers, holistic and traditional.
I appreciate our stores with fun and beautiful stuff and food and furnishings and clothing and such.
I appreciate all who are employed in factories, stores, corporations, government agencies and all.
I appreciate al the entrepreneurs and self employed who dare to risk and try new things for Good.
I appreciate all the givers, volunteers and philanthropists, benefactors and contributors.
I appreciate everyone and everything as it all gives me the opportunity to remember to give LOVE!

You see, I appreciate it all.
Everyone and everything is the best expression of our co-creative venture here on Planet Earth.
As we give thanks, so we awaken and become every more creative in how to benefit all.
If we criticize, we distract and distort the Real work and limit our creative potential.
So today I choose to emphasize, Now is the time to give thanks for it all.

Let Gratitude increase awareness, so we can improve, undo and make true what is Good for everyone.
It is You today that I am grateful for.
Without you in my life, these Loving Reminder would never have come to pass.
They are a great gift to me and to and for All.

So very grateful for the gift of giving what is given to me,
Betty Lue