Friday, November 23, 2007

Full Moon, Full Month and Full Tummy!

Fabulous fun and spiritual family gathered to play and laugh and eat and love and remember.
Food was excellent, since I made everything except biscuits from scratch.
Turkey dressing, cranberry sauce, gravy and mashed potatoes, yams, and green bean casserole, tossed salad, beautiful biscuits, and pumpkin pie, chocolate cream pie, apple crisp and whipped cream for dessert.

Full moon is today.
The light of the Sagitarrius fire gives us a higher vision and purpose.
The fullness of family and feasting creates such a sense of our prosperity.
The coming days of possible busyness preparing for the holidays can distort our perception with stress or open our eyes to how much we have to appreciate.

Today and everyday is an opportunity to give more.
We need nothing, but to realize our own abundance.
We need nothing, but to extend peace around the world.
We need nothing, but to love and share our many gifts.

The table is set.
Life is full of possibilities, gifts, choices and Goodness.
We are to choose wisely what to take for ourselves and what to share with others.
It is the time to let go of unconsciousness, selfishness and false neediness.
We can choose to give everything we do not need to those who do.

What would it take to buy less or not at all this year?
What and to whom could you give that is would benefit all?
Heiffer Project benefits an entire village and country and world.
Doctors without Borders have a food that in days saves starving children.
Habitat for Humanity builds housing for and with the homeless around the world.
In your local communities fgive to food pantrys and those places that give all they receive.
I applaud those all volunteer orgs with little or no overhead, giving all to those in need.

I love you and bless you always in all ways.

Each one of us is making a difference in each encounter.
As you shop, you bless.
As you cook, you bless.
As you give, you bless.
As you receive, you bless.
As you sing, you bless.
As you work, you bless.
As you rest, you bless.
As you create, you bless.

Life is a blessing as we remember it is.
Loving you,
Betty Lue