Monday, November 19, 2007

Allowing Change

Letting go with ease is the key to a healing and transformative life of fulfillment and joy.
Thanksgiving is traditionally a time of celebrating the Goodness in life.
When we are receiving the harvest of the best in our lives with gratitude, we see the bounty and the blessings.

Appreciating the abundance of all that has been created by Goodness, I see how much can be undone, simplified, shared and given away.
And so it is, I begin to release everything that is not being used for Goodness sake.
The stuff in storage, in cupboards and drawers, the clothes unworn for the the last year,
the furniture that sits without purpose or function, all can be released to someone or somewhere with a need.

Simplifying life’s stuff makes way for open spaces.
It gives breathing room for time and energy to create new perspective, to rearrange one’s life to create more order and ease.
Modifying the external life allows for the amplification and attendance to one’s inner life.
It is in letting go of what is unnecessary, unused and no longer valued that we discover the value, beauty and inspiration of what remains.

And when we let go, let us give to the homeless, the children in foster care, those in need.
We can include those who are alone, those who are bereft or someone who needs cheer, at our table.

When all is said and done, it feels important to release what is not valuable so that we can see what is.
When we sit at our table for Thanksgiving this year, let us truly acknowledge and appreciate everyone.

Let us acknowledge those present openly and sincerely, with kindness and gratitude.
Let us remember in times of thanksgiving to give our best and create more of the same.
Let us not forget or withhold our deepest feelings of gratitude and prayers of healing and love.
Let us this year say it all, as though there were no next year.
Let us this year remember those who have gone before.
Let us this year give thanks for the ones who worked to grow and harvest the food.
Let us this year give sincere appreciation to the one’s who earn the money and prepare the food.
This year can be the beginning of our real expression of Love for those in our lives who provide.

Allowing change within will change what we experience outside in our lives.
Allowing change in our environment will open the space for enrichment in our inner spiritual life.
Allowing change is the condition for peace for the constant letting go in our physical world.

Remember all things change in this world.
Everything has a time, a season, a moment and then it always changes.
To cling to any moment will create the pain of letting go when change comes.
To appreciate each moment, as it comes, supports letting go easily and appreciating the next moment.
So let it be.
Let go with gratitude and let Goodness and God remain.

Loving you,
Betty Lue