Thursday, November 15, 2007

Addiction to Drama

Do you enjoy emotional ups and downs?
Does watching soaps and gossiping give you some needed excitement?
Are you overly emotional on a regular basis?
Do you just love to help people who are in desperate circumstances?
Do you attract people and situations to you which are melodramatic?

Consider that some people believe vibrancy and life energy is emotionalism.
Consider that we can get attached to the highs and lows of melodrama just like an addict to drugs.
Consider that where we get attention,, concern and support may become an addiction.
Consider that the media, movies, TV and newspapers all sell with sensationalism.

There is an abundance of philosophical teaching and psychological belief that espouses emotional outbursts as a source of catharsis and healing. It almost becomes the binge and purge addiction of the bulimic eating disorder. Take in the drama of emotions to the point of gluttony and then purge with emotional outbursts on your loved ones with tears and fears, rage and threats. When we take an emotional dump, we usually generate upset in others and even make them sick with our emotions.

Moderation would suggest that we find a life of emotional as well as nutritional balance. Take in what is helpful and healthy. Only take on as much as can be handled with ease, never over consuming drama. Stop the process of listening or participating when there is an inability to handle it all with ease and grace. Step away and release. Move into prayer and affirmation. Give yourself a break and take a walk. Sit and listen within for how to respond in a positive and healing way.

Our culture much like adolescents seems to thrive on selling the ecstasy and tragedy of life.
People are drawn to create relationships, sports and politics, which foster the hardships and trauma in life.
The more we crave the sensational, the more we sell and buy the intensity of urgency, terror and suffering and perpetuate the same.

The more sane approach is to bask in the beauty of peace.
The more healing way is to enjoy the simplicity of grace.
The more natural way is simply to focus on loving kindness.

Give yourself a day of retreat from the world of intense emotion.
Spend a day simply in the peace and grace of loving kindness.

Loving you simply,
Betty Lue