Tuesday, October 23, 2007

What is This Feeling?

Again, you have (or that which you allow to come through you) touched that resonance trigger within me.
Volumes have been written about how to love, how to forgive, how to live a full life.
Billions upon billions of words since humans learned to write.
Your wisdom (or that which you allow through you) is simplicity nearly perfected.
Here is what I have gathered from you. To forgive just let go. To love be love. To connect with God, connect with Self.
Betty Lue, love is a feeling. I feel you and that which comes through you.
EE Namaste

What is this thing called "love"?
Yes, I feel you personally and individually.
Yes, I feel you, all of you, the whole of humanity.
Yes, I know you and I love you, as I am One with you.
Yes, I feel God and know God is the Love I feel, the Love I know, the Love I AM.
Yes, there is only this flow, this endless bountiful and beautiful flow of God, of Love, of Life.

And Yes, when I am in the river of Love, of God, of Life ItSelf, there is only that for I am One.
And Yes, in God, I am all Beauty, All Wholeness, All Goodness and there is nothing else.
I breathe it in and breathe it out.
Life flows through me as me for me and is given unto me.
And I rejoice.

All prayers are of praise and gratitude and celebration.
All prayers are simply filled with blessings and simplicity in Truth.
All prayers are words and visions and actions of the flowing Love.
All prayers are gifts of Who I AM, droplets of the Essence of God.

And so It Is. This is the Truth, the all One Truth, forever and ever.
And then there is the other. …….
The thought of separation, the fear of loneliness meaninglessness, uselessness and death.
There is the belief that somehow we are separate beings, aliens in a foreign land, unloved and unwanted.
There is the withholding of our love, the condemnation of ourselves and God, the damming of the flow.
There is the hiding on the shores of time behind the rocks of ignorance and forgetfulness.
There is the loss of all the memory of safety, beauty and the holiness we really are.

There are those wretched conjured feelings, learned from time to time, fear and despair, anger and vengeance, hurt and pain, jealousy and envy.
There are the moments when the light goes out and the darkness consumes our inner torch with somber weight, and we remember nothing.
There is the reaching out to others caught in the same fog of human making only to find commiseration huddling in the corner.
And still we cry out for the Light, "Help me find the river of my Soul", that I might quench my thirst for Love.

And Yes, Love come through all the darkness, pain and forgetfulness.
And Yes, Love flows its way into my heart and mind again.
And Yes, Love shows its face of calm and quiet compassion, cradling each Soul in the Mother's arms.
Yes, Love comes to those who wait to remember.

Ahhh! And to this I say, Thank You and Yes!
Betty Lue

ACIM Lesson today: “The Holy Spirit speaks through me today”