Thursday, October 04, 2007

Life's Stuff

Life is change.
Life has stuff.
Life is complex.
Life has surprises.

When I am dealing with life's "stuff", I usually handle it like the weather.
Batten down the hatches when it's stormy.
Put on my warmest clothes when it's cold.
Breathe deep after a refreshing rain and let the sun shine in.

Often we cannot predict the weather changes.
However, we can respond to them.
If there is a flood every year, move to higher ground.
If there is a drought once every 10 years, store what you need or move on.

People seem to get angry, depressed or saddened by the changes that come our way.
Perhaps it is because we have not responded to what is when it was.
Perhaps we have ignored, defended, justified or just plain been too comfortable with our way.
Perhaps we are stubborn and stuck in our complacency to respond in a healthy manner.

Sometimes when we are caught up in being busy, we forget our basic needs.
Sometimes when we are pushing for completion, we don't attend to details.
Sometimes when we are absorbed by fears and judgments, we cannot see the light.
Sometimes when the world throws too much our way, we get confused and scattered.

It helps to stop, look and listen.
Stop what we are doing. Be still.
Look both within and without. What is really going on and how do we think/feel about it?
Listen within to the voice of sanity, peace and Love. Seek happiness and inner peace.

I notice that life keeps unfolding.
As I trust in the process, I can release all judgment and fear.
I can free myself to listen within and follow the clear path of peace.
Fun, safe and easy…this is the way.
God wants me happy to love everyday.

I am grateful this is so.

Little children are we all.
God wants us happy as we follow the call.
Let's love ourselves as the precious beings we are.
Let’s strengthen our faith as we follow that star.

Loving you and me,
Betty Lue