Sunday, October 07, 2007

Keep Your Agreements

Agreements are the foundation of our relationship with our world.
Agreements are the fabric of our relationship with one another.
Agreements require continuity, commitment and consciousness.
Agreements represent the integrity with which we live and give.

When we enter into an agreement, we agree to give my best to fulfill and sustain that agreement.
When we enter into an agreement, it is implied that the other parties are also in agreement.
When we give our best to fulfill the agreement withholding nothing, we are fulfilled and at peace.
When the other parties have fulfilled their agreements withholding nothing, there is peace.

A broken agreement cracks and weakens the foundation of our integrity.
A deceptive agreement delivers the message of dishonesty and lack of trustworthiness.
An agreement that is sustained and disregarded sporadically creates confusion and un-support.
An agreement which only one party keeps signals disrespect, irresponsibility and sabotage.

Employer and employee enter into an agreement to keep their implied and explicit agreements.
Independent contractor and board must understand, respect and honor their agreements with one another.
Married partners must be true to their understood agreement with one another.
When we forget, forsake or blatantly disregard our agreements, we tear apart the fabric of societal mores.

Equally important is the essential requirement to support the other in keeping their agreements.
In work situations, to build success, we must help others keep their agreements with teamwork.
In board/employee situations, it behooves both parties to support one another's success.
In married relationships, both must consistently encourage the other's conscious commitment.

If one side is keeping their agreements, but distrusting the other, failure is forecast.
If even one part of a team is negating the work of the whole, there is a lack of fulfillment.
If there is a covert competition, to see who is better, there will be subtle sabotage of success.
If one insists on keeping score, looking for problems and pitfalls, they will be created.

When we "take care of ourselves" for selfish purposes, we often miss what it does to our future trust.
When we get caught in the emotions of the moment, we may miss the opportunity to educate and inspire.
When we lose motivation to give what was agreed, we must communicate our need for help.
When we feel undermined and unappreciated, we can refer to our original agreement and fulfill our part.

Evaluation of our agreements must only be done in a positive and proactive way to encourage success.
Agreements must be effectively filled by both parties to be considered successful for all.
When we do our part and have extra energy, we must support the other in doing their part.
When we don't know how to offer support, ask with sincerity and make note of what is needed.

Each one of us is the architect for the future foundation of our families and communities.
Giving our best, fulfilling our agreements and supporting the other's responsible behavior yields a respectful, responsible and cooperative world.

Blessing us all in keeping our agreements.
Betty Lue