Saturday, October 06, 2007


This is the commentary on Hexagram #55
in the Book of Changes, I Ching by Hua-Ching Ni

Be gentle in doing right;
Do not be violent.
Be diligent in all undertakings,
even in small matters.
The essence of work is diligence.
A successful life depends on doing the right thing
At the right time and obeying the subtle law.
Blessings come in many ways.
Do not look for happiness,
And contentment will come naturally.

Continuously remove the negativity within yourself.
One's good life is decided by one's virtue.
and clean mind.
To endure difficulty, avoid complaining.
To endure vexation and annoyance,
avoid bitter comments.
If your mind is always occupied with distress,
good fortune is sure to evade you.
When things reach their worst,
they can only get better.
When something reaches its limit,
It turns into its opposite.
This is the T'ai Chi of events.
Avoid involvement with people who are suspicious,
easily pleased or angered.
Listen only to viewpoints that are balanced.
Walk away from idle talk.
Unite with people of outstanding character.
Collective purposes form fortresses.
In uniting harmonized energies, we gather strength.

The autumn is a time to let go of what is excessive or out of balance.
Just as the leaves fall away and we harvest grapes for wine,
we must take in what is valuable and relinquish what is no longer needed.
There is a time for forgiveness and erasing what is not a blessing for all.
There is a time for harvest and sharing with others the best that we have.
There is a time for gratitude, celebrating and giving thanks for the Goodness of today.

When things are not going well, maybe we failed to do the work at the right time.
See what needs to be released with gratitude and love.
See what needs to be remembered and shared.
See what needs to be celebrated and given thanks.
Life has many times for us, each to use wisely and well.
Blessings of fulfillment for all,
Betty Lue