Monday, October 08, 2007

Flowing like the River.

Although we begin this week with the love planet Venus entering hardworking Virgo on October 8, your need for independence is compelling with the square between Jupiter and Uranus on October 9. October 11 brings a new Moon in Libra. prompting you to invest extra energy into your relationships. But watch out for Mercury turning retrograde on the same day; you'll need to make sure you clear up any misunderstandings right away. This is from I village astrology.

No matter what the physical, emotional, financial or astrological weather wherever you are, we can flow like the river.
While each one of us has differing circumstances, both challenges and opportunities, we can all learn to let go and flow like the river.

Water takes all forms and no for at all. Solid, liquid and vapor.
It flows in rain, fog, snow and hail.
It flows into streams and rivers and into the ocean.
I evaporates from visible into the invisible.
It creates the illusion of substance in clouds which dissipate with flow.
It goes where the wind blows or gravity allows the easiest movement.
Watch and learn from water.

The path of least resistance is the fun, safe and easy way.
Flowing around all obstacles is the fun, safe and easy way.
Allowing everything to change, it still flows with the changes.
As unique snowflakes, it takes on many different forms of individuation.
As it flows into the ocean, it loses it identity and becomes one with the collective whole.
Holding onto nothing it is part of everything.

Look at the energy expended in your attachments and need to control.
Look at the fatigue that comes from judging and fearing obstacles.
Look at the mind's need to be right and convince others righteously.
Look at the human needs to look and dress and act as an individual.

There are times to stand out and individuate.
There are times to join with and blend into the whole.
There are times to be strong and true to your values.
There are times to let go and trust God, the Good in All.
There are times to be a waterfall, a bubbling brook, a merging river.
There are times to be a simply cool drink of water, refreshing those who come to you.
There are times to wash and cleanse the cares and worries of those you love.
There are times to be still and reflect the beauty of God.

We are all droplets of God.
In our remembrance, we join in Love, Trust and Freedom.
In our Union, we flow like the river.
In our Enlightenment, we become One with the Ocean.
And so it is, We Are and All is well.

I am flowing to Asheville, NC tomorrow early AM.
Will send Loving Reminders from there.
Time for my Mom and for workshops with our North Carolina friends.
Loving you,
Betty Lue