Sunday, October 21, 2007

Daring to Care

Respectful relationships are ones in which we see ourselves and all that is in the most holy light.
Respectful relationships respond in the moment to what is rather than one's story or projected future.
Respectful relationships always give the best without guilt or sacrifice.
Respectful relationships dare to care with open mind, forgiving heart and trusting consciousness.

When we dare to care, we share the best we have.
When we dare to care, we take care of our whole lives impeccably.
When we dare to care, we ask for nothing but give as we are guided.
When we dare to care, there is no regret, assumption or expectation of return.

Dare to care about your relationship with the Great Mystery.
Spend time daily in prayer, meditation, reflection and/or listening within.
Dare to care about your everyday life.
Maintain your finances and business affairs with respect for all concerned.
Dare to care about your home and work environment.
Where you live is a reflection of your respect and care for yourself.
Dare to care about your family, friends and neighbors.
Maintain relationships which are tolerant, honest, patient and giving.
Dare to care about your community.
Give to those people and service organizations that give to others inspiration and hope.
Dare to care about your country.
Take time to exercise your right to vote, obey the laws and respect those in leadership.
Dare to care about the planet Earth.
Be a conscious steward of her resources always giving back your gratitude and respect.

Daring to care with respect includes specific rules of engagement which will inspire and empower.
Remember to honor all those for whom you care, remembering that you thoughts and feelings and interaction can teach and inspire confidence clarity, commitment and caring in the other.
Be spiritually wise as you choose to treat everyone with honor and dignity.
Be spiritually conscious in giving only what you would want to receive.

Caring with respect for All That Is,
Betty Lue