Friday, October 19, 2007

Center of Light

WE are the Center of Light.
(The Center of Light is where Souls unite!)
"We are the Light of the World.
That is our only function.
That is why we are here." ACIM

Whenever one bulb is dimmed or turned off, all souls are diminished.
We are connected in a circle.
Each one of us presents an aspect of Love's perfect expression.
Everyone has a part to play, no matter the apparent differences.
While we view the surface presentation of human beings.
The holiness of everyone is apparent.
When we treat even one as less valuable, we have diminished ourselves.

When I recognize my part in the plan to remember Reunion, I seek only to play my part.
In playing my part I clean up my own house, inner and outer.
In playing my part, I think, speak and act in a manner that inspires, heals and teaches only Love.
In playing my part, I listen within and follow the path of inspiration, wholeness and contribution.
In playing my part, I forgive the past and love, serve and remember God in the present.
In playing my part, I am whole, happy and free.

When I am playing my part, I see the Light within everyone.
When I am remembering my function, I forgive errors along the way.
When I am realizing my holiness, I see your holiness, too.
When I am the Light, I delight in seeing only Light.

Together in Love, there is only the Light of God shining through.
This holy instant is the moment in which we remember.
When we forget, we forgive ourselves and choose again for Love.
Love is the way to turn on the Lights.

Loving you, Loving me, Loving All as One,
Betty Lue