Thursday, September 13, 2007

World Day of Prayer

Let us remember we are all peacemakers.
With every thought and prayer, we can think peace and pray peace.
With every word of forgiveness and respect, we can share peace/
With every peace-making activity, we can extend peace to everyone everywhere.

Remember that our thoughts create.
Kindness begets kindness.
Forgiveness teaches forgiveness.
Love awakens more Love.

Trust that our words make a difference.
When we speak in respectful ways, others learn respect.
When we offer apologies and make amends, others soften.
When we change our tone of voice, people become more receptive.

How we live is a role model for children and seniors, friends and family.
When we live with moderation and emotional balance, everyone benefits.
When we give the best we have and treat others equally, all learn the value.
When we practice spiritual values, inspiring and being inspired, people feel our peace and joy.

There is no time better than right now to affirm in conscious prayer:
"I am a peacemaker.
I offer peace to all creation.
I give my heart and mind and life to peace on Earth and Goodwill towards All."
May it be ever so and so it is."

My peace I give to you that together we may teach peace and union,
Bless us all, EveryOne.
Betty Lue