Sunday, September 09, 2007

We are All One!

"We are here to awaken from the illusion of our separateness." Thich Nhat Hanh

This is an important time for each one of us to remember to "serve us", the Greater One.
Service is as natural as breathing for those who were born into a culture of service.
We saw, felt, experienced and learned how to serve and be served.
Serving the server was just as valuable as being served.

Every time we give a blessing to any one, all are blessed.
When anyone is healed, we all receive the healing.
When a child is loved and nurtured well, humanity benefits.
A small act of kindness ripples loving kindness reminders to all.

What can you do to reawaken from our fear-based selfishness?
How can we forgive the fear of being used?
Can we forgive withholding love because we were busy or tired?
Are we ready to open our hearts to giving more than money?

What are some natural and practical ways to serve?
Say a prayer for someone.
Remember to say thank you to everyone who serves.
Write notes of appreciation for every gift, every kindness.
Call up the person you are thinking about calling.
Give a hand to the person struggling with heavy packages.
Offer to do an errand for your neighbor who is ill.
Bring some home-baked cookies to the person who just moved in.
Greet little children with a smile and friendly voice.
Open the door for you elders.
Tip your waiters by handing them the tip with your sincere gratitude.
Begin and end phone calls with a friendly and respectful voice.
Volunteer at your local hospital, school, community center or church.
Give someone an unexpected gift of time, energy or creativity.
Bring together a group of people who will benefit by knowing one another.
Contribute to charities and organizations where the money goes for the cause.
Speak and dress and behave respectfully in all circumstances.
Move away from confrontation and conflict.
Take impeccable care of your own happiness and health to better serve all.
Expect nothing directly from you service, but know the world is blessed by giving.

Yes, we all are on this earth together.
We are here to love one another.
As we wash away our errors of separation, blame and guilt, we will see.
There is only One Son of God.
There is only One Song to be sung.
Only One Voice to be heard.
Only One hand to be held.
We are One together in Love,
Betty Lue