Monday, September 24, 2007

Letting Go

Letting go is only done when we are done.
Being complete leaves us free and happy, hopeful and trusting.
Being done is fulfilling all of our commitments with thoughts, words and deeds.
Being complete feels peaceful and uplifting.

What does it take to really let go?
Acknowledge and forgive all mistakes.
I forgive myself and all others for all errors, both seen and unseen.
Be thorough in finishing what was promised.
I am available to complete any tasks, talks or other needs.
Seek only Divine Outcome for all.
I love you and release you to your Highest Good.
Remember only Love is Real and return to Holiness.
I see us all healed and whole and holy.
Honor all that has been learned and taught, given and received from the experience.
I am grateful for the opportunity to teach and learn, give and receive all Good.
Respect the challenges and know they offered opportunities to wakeup and strengthen all.
I appreciate the challenges in strengthening my commitment to totally trust Divine Guidance.
Extend helpfulness in prayer, affirmation, suggestions and encouragement when invited.
I am here for you if needed and send blessings for divine inspiration and guidance your way.

When there are fears and concerns, expressing ourselves fully one time is a gift of awareness and love.
The exit interview can be very helpful when given with the intention of benefit for all.
Let go with Love.
Let go with gratitude.
Let go with healing.
Let go with peace.
Let go with grace.
Let go with forgiveness.
Let go with trust in the Highest Outcome.

Loving us all as we learn, life abundantly lived is not accumulating or securing anyone or anything.
It is learning to let go of everything that is not essential and truly of value.
In the richness of this autumn and harvest time, it is necessary that we release with ease and grace.
Letting go is Loving.

Blessings to all,
Betty Lue

Here I am learning every moment and letting go of the last moment.
Learning to stand, crawl and pull myself up and sit down.
(10 months and bigger than his 28 mo. old twin sisters.)