Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Letting Go with Love

The boomerang effect is in play when we let go with anger, fear, resentment, hurt and judgment.
We will often amplify that which we are trying to avoid, release and get rid of.
"What you resist, persists."
Whatever we hate, fear and judge sticks in our consciousness, until we have forgiven.

To be free we must forgive, undo and clear our emotional reactivity to that which we are releasing.

Some affirmations and positive prayer.
I am grateful for the learning from all things and everyone.
I bless you and release you to your highest Good.
I trust all is well as I forgive my judgments anger and fear.
I clear myself of all need to defend and protect myself as I recognize that I now attract only Good.
Life works for me because I am willing to do the work.
Remembering Love I return to wholeness and holiness.
God is and all is well.
I am grateful for all that has been, all that will be and for what I am now choosing in my life.
Life is a fail-safe learning laboratory. I am happy and willing to learn to love all that is.
My values are reflected in what I attract to myself.
I relinquish both negative and positive values that no longer serve my highest Good and the good for All.
I no longer give attention to that which no longer holds value for me.
Awareness with peace and neutrality is healing.
Take this from me God; it no longer serves me well.
I forgive the past, appreciate the present and trust in the future.

Enjoy your clearing undoing and releasing with gratitude and blessing.
All is well.
Betty Lue