Saturday, September 29, 2007

Keep on Flowing!

Where there is doubt, we slow down.
Where there is fear, we stop to protect ourselves.
Where there is judgment, we waste energy on blame.
Where there is sadness, we look for comfort.
Where there is hurt, we spend time and energy on healing.
Where there are apparent mistakes, we try to avoid doing them again.

When we see life as on purpose.
When we know we are always guided.
When we believe everything can be used for the Highest Good.
When we allow the Good within to perceive the gifts and blessings……

We keep on moving toward the Light.
We keep flowing to greater peace.
We keep on loving All on our way.
We keep on knowing God is Good.
We keep on enjoying the process.
We keep on trusting in Divine Outcome.
We keep on letting go and letting God.
We keep on forgiving our judgments and fears.
We keep on smiling through emotions and tears.
We keep on giving the best that we have.
We keep on believing All come home to know Love at last.

This transition has been fun, safe and easy, because I choose to trust in God.
The changes in life are all Good, when I know everyone is doing the best they know.
The opportunities that come as we let go, are placed there for our consideration.
When happiness and inner peace appear, we know God gives all Good and only Good.

Listen within and trust what you hear.
Listen within for the voice speaks out clear.
Listen within and only Good you will find.
Listen within and feel the Light in your mind.

Loving you,
With clear Mind and true Heart,
Betty Lue

If you want to hear how God works in wondrous ways with the creation of a new spiritual holistic Center of Light in Alameda, let me know.
I will happily put you on our information list.
Help with prayers of Light and participation with inspiration.
Opportunities to serve will emerge with teaching healing, and letting folks know…….
Blessing us all everyone! Organic emergence must have been waiting for us!
So very grateful for all is wondrous and a joy to behold.