Monday, September 10, 2007

Forgive All in All Ways

Let yourself give.
Love is the way.
To brighten your day.

Life is a school.
Where only love can rule.
All else is folly.
Distraction and Distress.
One way to find safety.
In love alone we can rest.
The tactics of hate serve not one.
They separate us all from Source.
You know what Fear is like.
You know when Love is found.
You know your life is blessed.
When you put your fears to rest.
Send peace to the scary ones.
They are scared just like you.
Send peace to the wounded ones.
They seek to live in Trust again.
Send peace to the darkened minds.
In peace there is light to be found.
Send peace to the protectors ad defenders.
They too are scared and need our gratitude.

Give what God has given you.
You will remember what is True.
This world has forgotten what heals us all.
We are one, we and them.
We are One in God.

Betty Lue, remembering and reminding us to Love.