Saturday, September 15, 2007

Feeling Lighter and Brighter

Getting younger by the second as I revitalize my soul.
Feeling freer minute by minute as I renew my Spirit.
Extending peace every moment as I remember peace within.
Practicing joyful celebration as I realize the gift I AM.

"I love myself the way I am. There's nothing I need to change."
These are lyrics to a reminder song to get clear lack of love is wrong.
The only mistake we ever make is when we forget to love.

Recently, I have been reawakened to the stress of trying to follow two paths.
Dancing to two different beats or listening to two directive voices.
Pleasing the people or pleasing God?
Honoring spirit within or living by the requests of others, that is the dilemma.

In doing both, alternately has left me tired in distress and dis-ease.
I am called to listen to an follow spirit.
Only this is the fun, safe and easy way for me.
When I live from this place I am innocent, trusting, creative and free.
When I try to please the people, I please no one truly, for all is compromise.

Now I am awakened, and grateful and alive again.
I am choosing to forsake the worldly path, to choose the high way.
I am lifting my mind to inspiring messages of Love and Peace and Joy.
I am noticing how distracted and distorted is my perception when I listen to egos.
I am forgiving the ways I have tried to be a servant to ego, while maintaining spiritual insight.
I am amused by my ignorance in trying to make amends, compromise and turn the other cheek.
I am awed by the instant release when I reclaim my true calling, listen within and follow.
I am truly grateful for the expansive vision of Spirit within, rather than the narrow path of humanity.

This is my release.
This is my renewal.
This is the realization of the Light within, always and ever present.
"Be not conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewal of your mind."

And so it is that I begin again with God at the helm.
And to this I say, Thanks
Betty Lue, AMEN!

Remember: Letting go is fun, safe and easy, when you know only Love is real!
This is one little peace of my B’Lue Heaven.