Friday, September 28, 2007

Change and Transition

Leaves fall from the trees, making them seem bare and dormant.
Nature cycles through seasons of spring, summer, fall and winter.
Animals change their coats of hair and feathers.
People have biorhythmic changes, aging and renewal every day.

There appears to be a life and death cycle here on earth.
There are people who come and go from our lives.
There are experiences, jobs, friendships, homes which change.
Change is the norm in physical form.
Attachments create suffering when we cling to what was.
Embracing the change without judgment seems to be the key
Flowing and appreciating what is gives us joy and gratitude

Trust all is well.
Know everything works together for Good.
Remember God's Will is always that we be happy.
Everything works more exquisitely than we plan.

When we remember these truths, they are our Truth.
When we forget or resist them, we experience the pain.
When we affirm what we want to be, it will be.
When we deny these truths, they are absent from our experience.

The key is to believe.
The key is to forgive our doubts.
The key is to choose consciously our goal.
The key is to deny our fear, judgments and lack of faith.

Many years ago, I began affirming:
Letting go is fun, safe and easy.
Everything is in our best interests.
In everything is a gift and a blessing.
I choose to trust God and Good in all things.

As we choose to enjoy change, we wait for the miracles with curiosity and wonder.
As we graciously let go of people who move out of our lives, we appreciate those coming into our lives.
As we release expectations of comfort and security, we enjoy the adventure and novelty.
As we heal our attachments with trust in the highest Good, we embrace our choice to Love All equally.

Life is a profound and magnificent teacher.
She offers us the opportunity to grow in faith and Love and gratitude.

Loving you,
Betty Lue

Notice all of us sharing the same little stool.
Four little kids( well maybe one big one!).
In their backyard.