Sunday, September 23, 2007

Autumn Equinox

Equal night and Day, darkness and light, is our current state.
When we seek the light of God, we can see Goodness clearly in contrast to the dark stuff.
When the light shines bright, shadows appear behind or under physical stuff.
Only when we are filled with light do we cast no shadows.
When fearing the boogeyman in the closet or under the bed, a flashlight will show us nothing is there.
When we shine our Love light brightly on what is feared, we see the darkness is merely a call for Light.
So Light, Light and more Light is our call.
Yom Kippur, Holy Day of Atonement was yesterday.
Time to make amends, to atone for our mistakes again God, ourselves and one another.
It is in forgiving that we experience our At-One-Ment. When we have forgiven, erased with love and gratitude all that separates us, we know we are One in Truth.

There are times when proximity seems to cause fear, judgment and comparison which divides us. Only with time and space do we fully realize the gifts of love and sacrifice ("make sacred") given to us by teachers, mentors, parents and friends.

During autumn, when leaves fall, we can lay negative and limiting beliefs ("be leafs") behind us.
Let them drop away.
Be still in the winter of our soul, to see what we are to plant in our springtime garden.

As we relinquish with Love and gratitude places, people and circumstances which were not for the Good of all, we see how staying where it causes fear, friction, judgment and pain, is an error. To move on with dignity and grace, knowing that all upsets are wakeup calls for one and all, is an opportunity to heal and learn and grow in faith and trust in freedom of choice.

Love is an action of detachment.
Love is loving everyone equally, including ourselves.
Love is letting go of fear.
Love is the release from duty and obligation.
Love is the freedom to choose again.
Love is forgiving our judgment of everything and everyone.
Love is living with open-mindedness and appreciation.
Love is seeing only healing and Holiness.
Love is the way of those who listen within to the voice for God for Good.

Loving you and me as One,
Betty Lue