Wednesday, September 26, 2007

All Good

Happy Full Moon (Intensifying where we are and how we feel!)

When we affirm all is Good, we participate in the co-creation of Goodness.
When we look for the Good, we find what we are looking for and deny the rest.
When we appreciate the Good we find, we increase and strengthen what we appreciate.
When we increase the Good and forgive and erase the "not good" with forgiveness, we realize All Good.

Life is what we make it.
What we seek, we find.
What we value, we increase.
What we enjoy, we give meaning.

Life serves as a mirror for our consciousness.
When we journey through life, we can look back and recreate our history.
We can look forward and miss the beautiful experiences along the way.
We can be present and in the observation and appreciation, enjoy each step.

Where I am, there I Am in my heart and mind as a human being, healing and growing.
What I am can be my learned, emotion-guided and less conscious self or my trusting, freeing and spirit-guided fully conscious Self, realizing my part in the Divine Plan, awakening all and returning to the One.
How I am is choice to live in fear, or forgive my fears, feelings and failures and return to faith, inspiration and Truth.
Life is a journey either moving toward awakening through challenges and spiritual adventure or seeking the comfort of control, sameness and security.

Playing here in form, time and space is an amazing opportunity to know what is difficult, daring and dangerous or fun, safe and easy.

Blessed be.
Betty Lue

Life teaches us how to play without getting hurt.
Lila is 28 months and weighs less than her 10 month old brother, Beckett.
He is working hard to catch up to his older twin sisters.