Sunday, August 26, 2007

OK to Feel!

Some of us focus on feelings and emotions.
Some of us focus on thoughts and ideas.
Some of us focus on body sensations and life experiences.

We are all different and dancing to different drum beats.

My work in life is to be at peace and think thoughts which heal and create.
I practice forgiveness, mental clearing with Love, affirmation, choosing positive thoughts and ideas.

Your work may be to honor your feelings, to respect and speak up for your own needs.
And so you are called to be courageous in standing up for yourself and seeking to express what you feel.

Others' work may be to trust their gut, their body experiences and do what is being called forth.
They work on changing their world, their own life and make things better for all.

There are many paths, each with passion and purpose, to be practiced with consciousness.
Each journey requires that we discover and play our unique part without imposing on others' paths.

Getting angry can be directed to make something happen which benefits others and creates Good.
Being sad can be directed to soften harshness and resentment so one can feel tenderness and Love.
Forgiveness can be used to quiet the mind and seek inner guidance.
Affirmation will facilitate finding creative solutions and trusting in the Divine Plan.
Seeking justice through action can open the way to strengthening one's principles.
Being a peacemaker through negotiation and compromise can strengthen Self Respect.

All experiences can be used to create or destroy, to heal or to wound, to motivate or depress.
We can direct our lives to be the process of taking what we experience and using it for Good.
We can shape our journey in an uplifting, strengthening and healthy direction by asking for Guidance.
We can encourage our healing and spiritual growth with forgiving our errors and removing obstacles.
We can open the door to fulfillment and creation by appreciating our journey, our growth and ourselves.

Life is meant to be lived one day at a time, one experience at a time choosing the best we know.
Bless us all everyone for choosing the highest path we can find in the moment.
Betty Lue

Appreciate your feelings.
Think what is True.
Do what you are called to do.
And You will find Peace and Happiness.