Monday, August 20, 2007


Yes, Of course we all make mistakes.
Every judgment is a mistake.
Every resentment is a mistake.
Every fear is a mistake.
Every doubt is a mistake.

The mistakes we often make are not meeting another's expectations or demands.
The mistakes we take most personally are those which seem to offend others.
The mistakes we try to correct are often those for which we are seeking approval.
The mistakes we remember most are those which cause pain, emotional and relational, fiscal or physical.

Mistakes are opportunities to choose again.
Mistakes are wakeup calls to determine what we most value.
Mistakes are the call for forgiveness of ourselves and others.
Mistakes are gifts, disguised as problems.

I love to make mistakes…
They wake me up.
They strengthen my faith.
They remind me to forgive.
They invite me to listen within.

Life offers what we call greater and lesser mistakes.
Yet when see rightly,, they are all the same.
Let go of fear and choose love again.
Realize what really matters here and let go of the illusion.

Sucked into seriousness and anxiety?
Stuck in feeling guilt, regret or resentment?
Caught in trying to be perfect?
Feeling like you can never please everyone?

That is the game of life…an endless circle of never quite perfecting it all.
So what?
There are no winners in the judgment and perfection game.

I forgive myself for trying to be perfect and never make mistakes.
I love myself for always giving my very best.
I appreciate others when they do what they can.
I easily forgive what seems "wrong" to me, but what may be "right" for thee.

Loving you and me in every mistake we make,
Betty Lue