Thursday, August 30, 2007

Letting Go

Do we know how long to stay?
Do we know when to move on?
Do we know what is right?
Do we know what is wrong?

The best we can do is listen within.
The most we can do is love now and say."Amen"
The highest we can climb is to see Good in All.
The most we can give is to Give All to all.

I know not who I Am.
I know not why I am here.
I know not how to love.
I know only, "Do not fear."

In fear my sight is blurred.
In fear, I lose my way.
In fear, my feelings deceive me.
In fear, I mess up my day.

I choose to let go of my way.
I choose to listen within my heart.
I choose to give my very most and best.
I choose to let God give my a jumpstart.

I like life to be easy.
I love life to be fun.
I want life to be God's way.
I want to live as though we are One.

So… I cruise around the corners.
I tack with the changing winds.
I sing out loud songs of freedom.
And I choose to begin again and yet again.

I know life is a journey.
I know our companions change along the way.
I know we play together for just a little while.
I know it matters what we think and do and say.

So I let go of looking for the outcome.
I give up on trying to lose or win.
I release my great expectations.
I face my world with a happy grin.

You might think this is foolish thinking.
You might believe I have lost my mind.
You might fear we won't get to where we're going.
You might notice we end where we begin.

I am loving you,
You are loving me,
We are a loving family.
It's Love that sets us free.
Betty Lue