Tuesday, August 07, 2007

It’s Never Too Late!

It’s never too late to say "I'm sorry."
It's never too late to say, "Good-bye".
It's never too late to say, " I love You".
It's never too late to let yourself cry.

You see time is the illusion we have given ourselves to take all the time we need to awaken to the One Truth that is Real and Lasting and Healing and True……….

I am Love, Loving the Love in You.
You are Love, Loving the Love in Me.

When this is all we see and know and feel and show, the world of time will end in laughter.
When all there is is Love perceived, believed, conceived and received, there is only the Now.

So let' s just love one another right now.
Not for what we do or make or give or show, but simply because we are Love.

Love need not have words, nor touch, nor cards or flowers.
Love need not wait for the right time or place or happy face.
Love doesn't depend on someone being my friend.
Love is simply the state of natural grace in which and for which we exist.

I love you and you love me,
No matter how it looks or sounds or feels.
Under everything that covers it up,
in camouflage and clouds of emotions,
the heart of God, the Essence of Love
is everywhere in everyone and everything.

So for the purpose of being happy, set yourself free.
Simply love you and let yourself love me.
When all there is is Love, we will be happy.
We will know the Peace (piece) of God We Are.

Blessed be,
Betty Lue

My Dad and Mom taught me to love everyone no matter what.
No matter what another’s behavior may be,
whether we like their personality or not,
it can only benefit all of us for me to Love.

To let go of prejudice, fear and judgment releases creativity and energy in unimaginable ways.
Miracles occur and everything changes.

When Love is withheld, there is fear.
When Love is not given, we shut down the Light, the Life force within us.
It does not serve anyone to stop being the Love We Are.

So let’s forgive ourselves and remember to Love.
I love you Dad.
Today is his earthly birthday, although he has been gone for many years.